Welcome to Fairyland

Welcome to the website of Lucy Cooper, author of The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies.

Step into the circle and prepare to enter the weird, wonderful and sometimes downright bizarre world of Fairyland….

In the latest instalment of the best-selling Element Encyclopedia series, Lucy Cooper examines the history, legends, and folklore of fairies. Be charmed by the Djinn of Arabia, meet the bushy-eyebrowed Hebu of South America, and investigate the Cottingley Fairies, as you lose yourself on this enchanting journey of magical beings.

But beware: the forest is dense and shadowy, and that beckoning flicker may just as likely be friend as foe…

Loaded with hundreds of fascinating entries, this complete A-Z guide is packed with delightful illustrations, stories, and fairy lore spanning the globe.

Whether you’re a seasoned fairy-spotter or a new visitor to Fairlyland, The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies is an essential addition to your fantastical bookshelf.

The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies (HarperCollins, 2014)

One thought on “Welcome to Fairyland

  1. Just bought the Kindle edition of this beautiful book.
    Thank you very much for bringing this subject to life.

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