Fireside tales at Newlyn Nights…

On Friday we were at Newlyn Art Gallery for an evening of fireside storytelling as part of the gallery’s Newlyn Nights late night opening events.


We set up the Wishing Tree and invited visitors to the gallery to share their heart’s desires. There were wishes for peace and happiness, holidays, pets, a peaceful garden to sunbathe in, to be an Olympic swimmer. But most imaginative of all was the little boy who wished:

“I hope that I can make a brand new type of crystal in the future called Canoadocia”



We stoked up the fire and told Cornish tales of giants and sea witches. Two budding young storytellers, Amy and Martha, wowed everyone by doing some impromptu storytelling of their own. Amy regaled us with the tale of Wensey the dog and the wicked magician, and Martha treated us to the story of Eevee the Pokemon, complete with beautiful illustrations (watch this space for the full story) – if only we could all keep hold of that inventiveness, fearlessness, vivid imagination and flair for storytelling we had when we were 9 years old!

Newlyn Nights
Martha and Amy – stealing the show with their spectacular storytelling

It was a magical evening – thanks to everyone who came, and to Newlyn Art Gallery for having us.

Check back for more news on storytelling events and the weird and wonderful world of The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies.