Spotted: Fairies in the Joseph Campbell Foundation bookstore

We’re delighted to say that The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies is now available from the Joseph Campbell Foundation online bookstore.JCF Bookstore

Fans of folklore, fairy tales and myth will find plenty to fuel the mind and spark the imagination in the JCF collection.

From myths for children to journeys into dreams and the subconscious. Delve into world mythology, Jungian psychology, or mind-bending philosophy. Wander mythical paths, explore the folklore of far-flung cultures or lose yourself in the long-ago landscapes of long-forgotten lands.

JCF’s bookstore is a mind-boggling repository of mythological wonders. Whether you’re looking for a hefty scholarly tome to sink your teeth into, or a playful slice of escapism, chances are you’ll find a book here for you.

Head on over and see for yourself…the JCF Bookstore.

Follow your bliss!

The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies, now available in the Joseph Campbell Foundation bookstore > Popular Voices.

Check back soon for more from the weird and wonderful world of The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies.